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Project Description
This project is going to create an easy and well organized framework for people who want to access the Flickr by themselves

The project is under the development now, the code will be checked in while developing.If you want to talk to the development team, you can go to The team member will post update information there.

The usage example:
NFlickr.Core.FlickrService service = new FlickrService(); //Create the instance to access the Flickr Service
Frob frob = service.Frob; //The first talk with the Flickr service, you don't have to get the Frob value
FlickrUrl filckrUrl = service.FlickrUrl; //This object containes the url to login the Flickr Service.
System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(filckrUrl .Url); //Use the provided Url to login via the Browser

To upload a file
*First you need to use the upper code to login.
Token token = service.Token;
string tokenValue = token.Value;

Photo photo = service.CreatePhoto(
new List<string> { "Test", "NFlickr" },
"This is uploaded from the NFlickr");

photo = service.Upload(photo, txtFileName.Text);

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